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Обновление: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.3 update

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Отправлено 08 декабря 2010 - 01:51

Исправлены ошибки:
Edit in PS CS4 from LR 3.2 did not give option to render to TIFF/PSD
Process Version defaulted to PV 2003 when Lightroom’s installed Develop Presets are applied on Import
All Auto-ISO values were not properly handled for the Nikon D3s
An error could be generated when sorting by “User Order” in Collections
There was an incorrect Profile Name tag for Canon 18-55 and 17-40 lens profiles
Facebook album selection only displayed up to 25 albums
Lightroom 3 could fail to launch Photoshop CS5 if Photoshop CS4 was uninstalled after the Photoshop CS5 installation
Numerous cloning or healing spots could have caused Lightroom to become unresponsive
Lightroom could have crashed when the metadata filter is selected and the grid is displaying all images in the catalog
Lightroom 3.2 could have failed to import all of the images from an iPhone 4
Some Sigma X3F raw files were rendering incorrectly
Choosing the “Make a second copy to” option on import would result in incorrect folder structure for the second copy
Resetting the crop angle by double-clicking the Angle slider removed a custom aspect ratio
A tooltip for the Japanese language version of Lightroom 3 displayed the wrong keyboard shortcut for “Flag as Pick”
Paste Settings did not apply to all images in the Develop module Filmstrip
Smart collections in Lightroom 3 did not use the same definition of “All Searchable Metadata” previously available in Lightroom 2
Text watermarks or portions of text watermarks could have failed to be applied to images on export
SmugMug publish collection dialog included a mixture of English text when using a language setting other than English
Lightroom would not import files from the Panasonic LX5 that were shot with the iZoom Function set to above 90mm
Choosing the Limit File Size option in the export dialog could have stripped certain EXIF fields from the exported file
The Targeted Adjustment Tool may have performed slowly in the Lightroom 3.3 release candidate
A single image published to multiple collections for a single publish service did not display comments properly
Updating an existing Develop preset with all settings could have failed under certain conditions
The watermark drop shadow settings behaved differently in Lightroom 3.2 when compared to Lightroom 3.0. They have been returned to the Lightroom 3.0 behavior.
The YYYYMMDD file renaming option was not available when the Lightroom language setting was set to Dutch
An existing Smart Collection updated to filter for all photos with “Ratings is Zero” would show all images in the catalog
Publishing an empty category to SmugMug would cause an error
JPEG exports in the Lightroom 3.3 Release Candidate were significantly slower than the same export process in Lightroom 3.2.
A graphical Identity Plate included in output was not correctly color managed
Deleting all images in a Flickr photoset could have caused Lightroom to return an error message
Changing the sort order to “User Order” while in Survey View on the Mac may have caused an error to appear
Lightroom could have failed to respond when viewing an image containing numerous cloning or healing spots at 1:1 view
RGB values were not displaying properly in the white balance tool
The Smart Collection criteria “Folder starts with” was not working properly
The navigator panel in the Develop module would incorrectly display threshold information when holding down the alt or option key and applying adjustments
Applying a flag, star or label setting to an image via the toolbar in the Develop module while in auto-advance mode would result in an incorrect setting display for the subsequent image
The application of color noise reduction at low color temperatures (e.g., tungsten or candlelight) could have provided results below our quality standards
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