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Обновление: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.2 update

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Отправлено 01 сентября 2010 - 09:59

Новое обновление Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.2 update для программы Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 для платформ Windows и Macintosh.
Поддержка новых камер: Canon EOS 60D, Casio EXILIM EX-FH100, Fuji FinePix HS10, Leica S2 (DNG), Panasonic DMC-FZ100, Panasonic DMC-FZ40 (FZ45), Panasonic DMC-LX5, Pentax 645D, Samsung NX10, Samsung TL500 (EX1), Sony A290, Sony A390, Sony Alpha NEX-3, Sony Alpha NEX-5, Sony SLT-A33, Sony SLT-A55V.
Добавлена прямая публикация на сервисы: Facebook и SmugMug.
Добавлено 120 новых профилей линз.
Исправленные ошибки:
Develop: исправлена работа aspect ratio при пользовательских установках.
Develop: Lens profile correction всегда синхронизирован, даже если это не выбранов диалоге sync dialog.
Develop: исправлена некорректная работа Live Loupe.
Develop: исправлена некорректная работа кисти.
Исправлены неточности и ошибки во всех справках помощи, на всех языках.
Импорт: Для некоторых устройств диалог импорта не позволяет сделать просмотр каталогов.
Импорт: некорректная работа с порядковыми номерами изображения.
Импорт: Панели в окне импорта не возможно выделить с помощью колеса мыши многоэкранных конфигурациях.
Импорт: не доступно изменение EXIF.
Импорт: в Windows возможно закрытие программы при попытке импортировать видео файлы.
Исправлено большое количество ошибок в режиме Library.
Полный список исправлений:
• Develop: A custom aspect ratios get rounded to nearest standard ratio when adjusting crop overlay
• Develop: A history state is incorrectly added after creating a preset that includes a graduated filter or lens profile correction
• Develop: In the crop mode the X key sets a photo to reject instead of rotating the crop (Windows only)
• Develop: Lens profile corrections were synced even when they were not selected in the sync dialog.
• Develop: The escape key incorrectly applies a crop after a CTRL/CMD right arrow with the crop tool enabled
• Develop: The local adjustment brush could have a very slow first stroke when exposure is the selected adjustment
• Develop: The Live Loupe view on a second monitor could become unresponsive when switching images in the Develop module
• General: Certain menu items were missing from the Windows version of Lightroom
• Help Documentation: Inaccuracies and translation errors were corrected throughout the help documentation
• Import: Copy as DNG selection not remembered for subsequent imports
• Import: For some devices the import dialog did not allow directory browsing
• Import: Import image number sequence is not incrementing properly
• Import: Panels in the import window fail to scroll via the mouse wheel in some multiple monitor configurations
• Import: The EXIF renaming token was not available
• Import: Windows could crash when attempting to import video files
• Library: Sub-optimal preview rendering performance could impact application performance
• Library: If a directory tree is collapsed prior to closing Lightroom it will appear expanded after re-launching the application
• Library: 1:1 preview generation could appear to repeat itself for DNG files
• Library: Importing keywords causes a catalog to hang when imported keywords already exist in the catalog
• Library: Attempting to drag and drop a folder when multiple folders are selected removes a folder
• Library: Cancelling a catalog backup can require an excessive wait time before the cancellation is complete
• Library: Cancelling a catalog export process could require an excessive wait time
• Library: An internal error could occur when published smart collection conditions are updated
• Library: Choosing to apply recent keywords in a keyword set would cause the recent keywords to reorder
• Library: Clicking the metadata flag on an image in the filstrip acts incorrectly on the selected image in the grid view
• Library: Failed publish comments remain in the comment box across different images
• Library: Flickr Publish Collection publishes to a Photostream in the reverse of the expected order
• Library: Grid scrolling in a publish collection with the hand tool could fail (Windows only)
• Library: Importing from a catalog fails when both catalogs contain images from the same folder
• Library: In Smart Collections a hyphen ("-") Is now treated as a word delimiter for "contains words"
• Library: In the IPTC Date Created field the seconds could be incorrectly removed on writing to XMP
• Library: Lightroom 2 search criteria "+abc" meant "starts with abc" and "abc+" meant "ends with abc". This was reversed in Lightroom 3
• Library: Moving a stack to another folder only moves the top image and unstacks the remaining images
• Library: Panning an image at 1:1 while the image is still loading can cause Lightroom to crash (Windows only)
• Library: Ratings and Labels were not propogated to a TIFF or PSD file created for an Edit in External Application workflow
• Library: Saving metadata on a folder is inccorectly labeled as "undoable"
• Library: Scrolling or louping through many photos can cause Lightroom to start paging aggressively
• Library: Setting "Caption is Empty" in a smart collection failes for some images
• Library: Setting "Rating is Zero" incorrectly includes all images in a catalog
• Library: Setting rating "is not" in a smart collection fails to include unrated photos
• Library: Smart collection exposure time incorrectly limited to 1,000 seconds instead of 100,000 seconds.
• Library: The "metadata for this photo has changed" dialog box lacks clarity
• Library: The keyword list will fail to display properly if there are database integrity problems
• Library: The save metadata command was incorrectly available when a video file was selected
• Library: There is no warning when incorrect data types are entered into IPTC fields
• Library: Updating DNG Previews and Metadata is incorrectly labled as "undoable"
• Library: Upgrading a Lightroom 2 catalog via the import catalog function will fail if duplicate files are present
• Library: Using an exclamation point in search criteria fails to work properly
• Print: A faulty or corrupt print template could cause a "nil" error message when changing templates
• Print: Image loses "pan" position when placed in cells that are not big enough
• Print: Lightroom could crash while preparing a print
• Print: The Print to JPEG save dialog box resets for every save
• SDK: A URL could fail to open properly in a web browser (Mac only)
• SDK: Calling info.publishedCollection:getName() from within updateCollectionSettings() causes "can only wait within a task" exception.
• SDK: copyrightState was not documented (Will be corrected when documentation is posted with the final release)
• SDK: Errors during collection or collection set update callbacks are not recognized when a collection or collection set is created
• SDK: Function "withPrivateWriteAccessDo" lacks clear behavior documentation (Will be corrected when documentation is posted with the final release)
• SDK: Lightroom does not respect the default system web browser (Windows only)
• SDK: Per comment URLs were incorrectly included in the documentation (Will be corrected when documentation is posted with the final release)
• SDK: Plug-in error reports "nil" instead of proper filename
• SDK: Renaming a publish collection dissasociates it from collectionSettings
• SDK: setEditedFlag does not work as intended
• SDK: The publish icon size was incorrectly documented as 26 pixels instead of 24 pixels wide
• Slideshow: Exporting a video that will overwrite an existing video that is currently being played will cause Lightroom to crash (Windows only)
• Tethered Capture: The develop settings text was misaligned (Windows only)
• Web: In-line editing of Site Info stops working if a number is entered
• Web: Setting "sequence" as the title or caption fails to work properly
Web: Certain galleries do not handle accented characters properly
Для платформы Win качаем файл Lightroom_3_LS11_win_3_2.exe здесь. Объем загрузки: 185.2Мбайта.
Для платформы Мас качаем файл Lightroom_3_LS11_mac_3_2.dmg здесь. Объем загрузки: 79.6Мбайта.

#2 Гость_Ferfeireloalm_*

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Отправлено 26 февраля 2011 - 05:33

большое спасибо было интересно прочитать

#3 Гость_Mercy Nesland_*

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Отправлено 11 апреля 2011 - 12:04

Все, выхожу 15 ноября замуж. Поздравьте меня! Заходить теперь к вам редко буду.

Симпатичный сайт! Все умно сделано.

#4 Гость_Petroexetty_*

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Отправлено 28 сентября 2011 - 02:37

Просто хорошая страничка

#5 Гость_sideBiodiaZen_*

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Отправлено 28 сентября 2011 - 11:52

А изменения для обоих платформ, или часть для Мас, а часть для Windows?

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